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My goal is to educate and inform you so you have confidence in the accuracy

of your books to make solid business decisions without worry. I’ll meet you where you are in your system, and match your process for ease of integration. When you’re ready to take the next step digitally, I’ll guide you to the best options that work for you.

When it’s time to have those hard discussions about the direction of your business, I’ll give you the best insight and straight answers so you know what actions to take moving forward.

I am your strongest advocate for your business when you are unable to mange it in person. I’m your eyes and ears so you have the most accurate and reliable information as possible though you are operating remotely.

Multiple Locations can mean multiple challenges

Bob kept contributing personal funds to his business which used to run profitably on its own. He didn’t understand what caused the change in solvency.

When he was in Chicago, it had run fine. But after opening and moving to a second location in Denver, the Chicago office quickly deteriorated requiring loans from him. “What had changed?” he wondered.

QuickBooks Online was the financial software his business had always used. But he didn’t know it or understand it himself and his Chicago players was often unavailable to help. He needed help fast to reverse the downward spiral and stop having to support the Chicago office. He needed to know how money was being spent and why Accounts Receivable wasn’t being collected and why it seemed QBO was no longer an accurate gauge of his business.

Bob chose me because he believed in my capability to run a small business through witnessing me actively working to improve myself and grow my own business. He felt I am a “go-getter” and respected my drive and determination.

After working to identify the problems in his business, I recommended his business switch CPA firms – not immediately but at the “natural” period at the end of tax season. I also suggested my time not be spent on the Denver office, which seemed to be operating fine, but instead exclusively on the Chicago office by working with the staff there to correct the coding problems and consult on their large payroll. We also began monitoring expenses and through advisory sessions we discussed where money was possibly being spent improperly, something he had been unable to monitor on his own.

Immediately Bob saw improvement by not having to contribute his own funds as frequently. Now he doesn’t have to work as hard and has much less self-imposed family stress.

Multiple locations shouldn’t mean multiplying your stress, knowing where and how to apply your efforts is key. You need:

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Susan A. Reilly Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor

We appreciated Susan going far beyond

her contractual obligations and working well into a Sunday night so that we could make our payroll. Honest and reliable, Susan has been a great asset to our company.

David Hachmeister Owner Care and Comfort at Home

Offsite owner? Stay on track for growth and profits

Eric couldn’t figure out why he was always short on payroll, when his cash flow seemed fine. As an absent owner, things seemed fine from the outside, but something was clearly wrong.

Eric chose me to sort out the accounting problems in his business because he knew I had had several small businesses of my own. He knew my businesses had been successful and he knew I was organized and wise on how to run a small business profitably. He needed someone who was capable and reliable to be his eyes and ears.

After the initial assessment identifying the problems, we made a priority list to tackle the problems causing inaccurate reporting. Within a couple weeks, the company already showed signs of improvement by cash flow trending upwards.

Eric is happy now because Accounts Receivable has been cleaned up and identified and a system has been implemented to actively collect monies due. Now that money is coming in regularly, he doesn’t have to worry about the stress in meeting payroll.

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